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Crystals & Minerals

crystal geodes

Amazing Finds! Here are some of our latest additions to our crystal & mineral collection.


Revered for its high vibration and divine properties, this crystal is named for its distinctive, delicate blue color. 

large celestine cluster


Clear Quartz

A universally admired stone, clear quartz charges other stones and promotes mental clarity and intuition. 

Clear Selenite Cube



An Earth element, pyrite represents the everlasting presence and warmth of the sun. Its geometric formations make it appear otherworldly.  

pyrite cube


A beautiful, transparent specimen of Citrine in its raw form. Citrine is a form of Amethyst, that is yellow in color. It is a stone of prosperity and success. 


transparaent citrine cube



A hypnotic, swirling green stone. It is a stone of the heart and protector of travelers. 

malachite stones



Beloved throughout history, Amethyst is thought to protect the physical body and enlighten the mind's eye.