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Hafta Havit offers high-quality boutique bath and body along with locally made lotions, masks, scrubs and more. We have all natural and organic bath & body and gift sets that anyone would love. 


*New* Karmic Lather by Local Maker 

Jenny, from Norwell Massachusetts, began making soaps over 10 years ago when she found that she could no longer use commercial products that made her skin itchy and reactive. She researched natural & healing ingredients and began a hobby that turned in Karmic Lather. As you can see, she's also an artist. Her designs are so creative and exceptional - and Karmic Lather contains essential oils and unique, earth-based ingredients that are actually good for your skin. 

Hafta Havit is pleased to currently be carrying:

Sunny Day, Sweet Pea, Earth & Sky, Submarine Daydream, Soul Soother, and More. 

Check out these designs! + a sneak peek of her new Funfetti 'cake' soaps - coming soon


Karmic Lather Soaps


*New* Walton Wood Farms

"Walton Wood Farm makes a number of bath salts, lotions, creams and more, all of which come in wonderfully aromatic scents that will make you smell and feel prettier than you have in a very long time. We stay away from naughty ingredients like Parabens, SLS and dye. Shop for yourself today and indulge in the relaxation and comfort you will find in all of our wholesome products. Made with love" 

Walton Wood Farm





Pre De Provence 

Created from the finest of natural ingredients, Pré de Provence products are meticulously fashioned in Provence by French artisans following traditions established generations ago. Extreme pride and care are the foundations for everything we create, upholding the quality, artistry and authenticity demanded of products "Made in France."

pre de provence soaps chart

Greenwich Bay

Shea butter soaps, pure glycerine soaps, vitamin-enriched, shampoo & body bars and spa essentials in fresh botanical scents—free from animal testing. Come wrapped in decorative paper making the perfect gift.

Australian Soaps - Made in Australia. 

We create each of our bars using the traditional French milling method and with only the finest natural ingredients. We never use animal fats, petro-chemicals, detergents or phosphates in any of our products. Each bar is a carefully developed blend of wholesome ingredients such as Sustainable Palm Oil, Certified Organic Shea Butter, Vegetable-based Glycerin, and organic essential oils.  

australian soaps


A sparkling, clean unisex fragrance that captures the coolness, clarity, and purity of the ocean, Inis the Energy of the Sea is a favorite around the world. Inspired by the beauty and energy of the wild western coast of Ireland, Inis (the word means ‘island’ in Irish) instantly refreshes and brings a happy feeling. Fresh, clean and energizing, top notes of lemon and marine bring a fresh feeling, like sunshine on your face, heart notes of lily of the valley are like a soft summer breeze on your body, while base notes of sandalwood and clove give an earthy warmth like sand between your toes.

Nobel Originals - Vegan - Made in MA

We believe in making something pure and natural that will benefit not only your hands and body, but also the environment.  With a vegan-friendly approach, our products are handmade with the environment in mind.  We make simple and eco-friendly soaps, bath soaks, moisturizers, facial care, and body scrubs.