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Best Gifts for Anyone - Universally Loved

Don't know what to get? Here are our top picks for gifts that are universally loved. Great for the Hard-to-shop-for,  Secret Santas, office parties, and neighbors. 


Kitras Ornaments

Beautiful blown glass ornaments that each have a special meaning. They come in a gift box and with a card, so you're ready to wrap. 2" - 10" sizes.

Kitras Gifts


Alpaca Blankets

Warm, colorful blankets that are so much better than your average throw. 

Alpaca Blankets


Raku Pottery - Dream Jars

Handmade Raku pottery is a perfect, unexpected gift for anyone. Shown below, the dream jars are small, vibrant ceramic accents that come with a scroll describing their meaning. 

Dream Jars

Hello Mello Lounge Pants w/ Travel Bag

So soft lounge pants that come in an adorable bag that's great for traveling & gifting. 

Lounge Pants & Travel Bag



Shilloutte Night Light Lanterns

These unique, oversized nightlights come in a neat box that is ready to wrap. Lots of styles to choose from (and they're under $10!)Mermaid Night Light

Heatable Lavender Plushies

You can't help but love these guys - too cute plushies that you can heat up in the microwave for soothing tired muscles and a relaxing lavender scent.

Heatable Lavender Plush

Salt Lamps

One of our most loved items - Healing Himalayan Salt Lamps are beautiful and therapeutic. They also come in a ready to wrap box. Salt Lamps

A Book for Everyone

Books are a great gift when you're stuck on what to get - We've got a great selection of unique titles that are perfect for the hard-to-shop for people on your list. 


Gift Books

Handmade Art Mugs

This golf mug is perfect for Dads! They also make so many other styles - surfing, the mountains, mermaids - everything. 

Golf Mug


Luxury & Vegan Bath & Body

When it comes down to it, everyone likes a spa day. Shop brands like Karmic Lather, that offer Vegan-friendly soaps. Or fine French soaps by Pre De Provence.

vegan soapPre De Provence Gift Set


Find Something for Anyone and Everyone on your list at Hafta Havit at 160 Schoosett Street in Pembroke, MA. 




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