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Best of 2017

Thank you for a wonderful 2017 - here's a recap of our favorite gifts, decor, scents & more from this past year. 


Top Jewelry Gifts

Moonglow Necklaces

Necklaces that correspond to your (or a friend's) moon sign. 




Angel Bell Necklaces

Handmade from antique silver, these musical gifts come with a special sentiment. 

angel bell necklace







Best Bath & Body


Pre De Provence Take 2

One scrubby side, one soft shea butter side. 


take 2 pre de provence 





This wonderful fragrance is one of our most loved. 






Best Home Decor 

Wooden Whales

Hand carved by local artist 


wooden whale



Pallet Art 

A favorite this year, rustic wooden signs with inspirational messages. 

rustic pallet signs



Large Reclaimed Wood Signs - Blue fish cove

Handmade locally, these signs can be customized or choose from local places.


blue fish cove





So many beautiful styles to choose from & wonderful for DIY gifts

decorative lanterns



Best Gifts

Healing Touch Pottery - Handmade

A classic favorite, these mugs have a crystal embedded on the handle and come with a special meaning for each. 

healing touch pottery mugs



Art Hearts

A newcomer this year, art heart ornaments were a hit! They have a style for every occasion and can hang or stand. 

art heart ornaments


Fun Socks! 

A recent addition to our collection, these socks are the perfect find for a few laughs.

I cannot Adult Today


Handmade Kitras Ornaments

Another classic favorite at Hafta Havit. Kitras Glass ornaments are so beautiful and each style has its own special meaning. 

kitras glass ornaments


 Best Outdoor 


Arias Wind Chimes

A New addition to our windchime selection - these are some of the most beautiful sounding windchimes we've ever heard. And they come in copper :)


arias wind chimes






Favorite Zen


Volcanic Stone Goddesses


volcanic stone goddess



Healing Salt Lamps

Everyone absolutely loved these this year -  we'll be keeping them around in 2018. 


salt lamp


Hafta Havit Favorites


Soap Lift

So happy to have these this year, they help keep soap clean and make it last longer! Made in the USA.



Soap Lift




Pop these in the microwave! They stay warm and smell like lavender! The best grown-up toy of 2017.


warmies owl


Thank you again for making 2017 amazing! Stay tuned for even more amazing finds in 2018.



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