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A special, musical gift - The Angel Bell

Handmade in NJ, these beautiful bells are crafted from vintage silver, Swarovski crystals & may include found objects or antique buttons. Each pendant is unique and comes on a ball chain. Listen to the sound of each bell and choose the sound that speaks to you. 



Each Angel Bell includes a card that reads: 


Everyone has someone in their life who could use a thought or prayer each day. There is NOTHING magical about our Angel Bell. We like to say that you can think about anyone you like when you hear the bell and send out a little hug or prayer for that person. It can be a loved one who needs help or someone who has passed on that you want to remember. You can change the person on a daily basis, or even think of several people in the same day. 


I love this message. The simple sound of a bell can be grounding and at the same time focus our mind on someone or something intangible. Each necklace is a little different, but they all include a vintage silver component, like the detailing of a platter or the 'pretty end' of a fork or spoon. A great gift for a friend or for yourself!


Our first round of Angel Bells are in store now at Hafta Havit.


About the Makers of the Angel Bell

Barbara & Elsa Barbara & Elsa

From Corporate to Creative

Tempest in a Teapot is a combination of talents between long time friends and partners, Barbara C. Ryan and Elsa M. Mikus.  Elsa has been actively involved in artistic endeavors her whole life and has participated in juried craft shows since 1990.  She retired from AT&T in 1999 to pursue her creative talents on a full time basis.  In 2001, Barbara retired from Avaya.  As she was casting about for a new career, friends decided that they too wanted to retire and offered to teach Barbara their techniques for making wind chimes from recycled, vintage silver plate teapots and flatware.  Wanting to take her life in a new and creative direction, Barbara eagerly accepted their offer and in September 2001, Tempest in a Teapot was born.

After making (and selling) the first few chimes, it was clear that people were interested.  Taken as a look at Americana, glorified junk, or even recycled history, these chimes cross over ethnic and religious boundaries, making them the perfect gift for ANY occasion (especially for the person who has everything).  All of the sugars, creamers, teapots and flatware used in the chimes come from local New Jersey/Pennsylvania flea markets and auctions.  Barb and Elsa specialize in working directly with clients to create meaningful pieces out of family heirlooms.

Tempest in a Teapot chimes and Silver Flat Wear jewelry can be found in homes and galleries from Juneau, Alaska to Geneva, Switzerland and even Milan, Italy (and in a lot of homes in New Jersey).






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