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5 Simple Ideas For a Happy New Year

Sick of the same old New Year's resolutions? Here are 5 unique (and simple) ways to make a fresh start in 2018.


1. Clean Green

Stay away from toxins and harsh chemicals this year. Try switching to a green cleaning product line or all natural bath & body.

Try 'At the Sink'  - they use essential oils & all natural ingredients.

green cleaning products


"All of the Good Stuff, None of the Bad Stuff" - Naked Bee Lotions & More

naked bee



2. Read More

You are what you read! Inspirational novels & motivational guides can be the pick-me-up you need to get 2018 off to a great start.

Keep it light with "Lessons From A Turtle" or "100 Little Hugs"

lessons from a turtle 

For guides, try "Healthier, Happier You"  or "Unclutter Your Mind" 

unclutter your mind


Recharge & Bring in Good Vibes

Crystals and incense are a great way to clear away negative vibes and recharge your space.  See what Hafta Havit has in store or see our crystal page here.


amethyst crystal




4. Sleep Better

Sleep is important! Why not make your space more restful? Candles, Dream Catchers, and Aromatherapy can all help you catch some better zzzs.


Beaded, beautiful dream catchers - lots of styles in store. 


Beaded Dream Catchers



5. Find Your Happy Place

Bring the spa home, cuddle up or entirely re-imagine a room.There are so many ways to create comfort & develop your own personal happy place. 


Luxurious 15% shea butter foot cream in peppermint. 


peppermint foot cream



Feel better! Pop these plushies in the microwave for warm, lavender-scented comfort. 







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