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10" Tree of Enchantment

Beautiful handmade glass ornaments by Kitras. 
Trees of Enchantment Ornament by Kitras.
Available in 2", 6" and 10" sizes.  Check store for availability. 
Enjoy the magic of the seasons and give the gift of inspiration with these unique glass ornaments. Like trees in a forest, no two are alike. Each ornament has a special hang tag story card with a sentiment for each theme.
Here's an example of what each tag reads


The fiery ambers of Fall bring to mind a magical sunset on a cool Autumn night. The trees explode with color just before a Winter Slumber. “Look too closely and you may just fall into your own fairytale!


As many leaves that are on a tree is as many blessings that we each have in our life. Just as all the leaves combine to create the full leafy top of a tree, so do all of our blessings combine to a full and meaningful life. With care and attention, we can grow our blessings and the blessings of others by nurturing, just as we would nurture a tree. The tree of blessings reminds us that there is no blessing too big or too small that doesn’t add to the fullness of life.


A forest would be nothing without the trees that are part of it, so too are the communities and relationships we are part of. The closeness and joy felt from belonging is one of life's greatest experiences. The support, love, and comfort from belonging allow us to grow and prosper not only as individuals but also in the communities and relationships we are a part of.